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Passenger Cars

Passenger Cars Shop our selection of Lionel passenger cars. As always, if you don't see it, just ASK! We're here to answer all your questions and discuss your model railroading needs at 909-599-2602, Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM - 5PM Pacific. Thank you for shopping The Train Stop!

Pennsylvania Madison Car Set

Number: 6-29061
Price: $399.95

Pennsylvania Madison Cars



Number: 6-29003
Price: $499.99

Pennsylvania-Reading Heavyweight

Number: 6-15563
Price: $149.99

Pennsylvania-Reading Heavyweights 3-pack

Number: 6-15559
Price: $369.99

Santa Fe Baby Madisons



Number: 6-29081
Price: $299.95

Santa Fe Blue-striped 2 pack

Good add-in to set.

Number: 6-27772
Price: $119.99

Santa Fe Chief Heavyweight Diner with Sound

Number: 6-15545
Price: $299.99

Santa Fe Diner with Sound

Number: 6-25449
Price: $259.99

Santa Fe Duplex Roomette

Number: 6-19138
Price: $159.95

Santa Fe PWC 2-pack

Number: 6-25446
Price: $209.99

Santa Fe Superliners 4-pack

Number: 6-39129
Price: Sold out

Southern Baby Madisons

Number: 6-29076
Price: $299.95

Southern Pacific Daylight Heavyweights 4-pack

Number: 6-25506
Price: $494.99

Southern Pacific Diner with Sound

Number: 6-25419
Price: Sold out

Southern Pacific Madison Heavyweight Set

Number: 6-19019, 6-19023, 6-19024, 6-19025, 6-19026
Price: $699.95