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Steam Shop our huge selection of Lionel steam locomotives. As always, if you don't see it, just ASK! We're here to answer all your questions and discuss your model railroading needs at 909-599-2602, Tuesday through Saturday, 10AM - 5PM Pacific. Thank you for shopping The Train Stop!

Lionel Steam Locomotives

Lionel Lines 0-8-0

Smoke & Sound

Number: 6-38651
Price: $169.99

Lionel Lines 4-4-2

Smoke & Sound
Number: 6-38664
Price: $109.99

Lionel Lines K-4 Torpedo 1668E

Smoke, H/L Comm. R/S, All die cast. Looks like a 238E. Color is gray. This loco is New and Sealed.

Number: 6-18072
Price: $699.95

LionMaster Union Pacific Big Boy

Legacy - Odyssey II - Legacy Railsounds
Number: 6-11149
Price: $859.99

Milwaukee Road S-3 4-8-4

4-8-4 Northern. Odyssey, H/L, smoke, adjusting draw bar, legacy R/S.

Due Oct. 2011

Number: 6-11230
Price: $994.99

Norfolk & Western Class A

Command & RailSounds. SALE

Number: 6-28052
Price: $1599.99

Norfolk & Western J-1

Factory Weathered

Comm & RS


Number: 6-18049
Price: $799.95

NYC Commodore Vanderbilt

Lite Gray, Heritage Comm and Railsounds 4.0



Number: 6-18045
Price: $1195.95

Pennsylvania 2-10-4

Odyssey, Legacy. All the bells and whistles.

Due Nov. 2011.

Number: 6-11300
Price: $1299.99

Pennsylvania 4-4-2 Atlantic


Number: 6-11316
Price: $549.99

Pennsylvania K-4

Comm & R/S


Number: 6-38025
Price: Sold out

Pennsylvania T-1 Duplex 4-4-4-4

Lagacy, Odyssey, Vision, all Die Cast. Green with gold lettering.

Number: 6-11207
Price: $799.99

PRR E-6 4-4-2 #460

Comm, R/S, Smoke.

Number: 6-11224
Price: $699.99

Rio Grande Challenger LionMaster

Comm & R/S
Number: 6-38014
Price: $899.95

Santa Fe 0-4-0 Switcher

Smoke & Electronic whistle

Number: 6-28661
Price: Sold out